Sebastian Richter

Sebastian Richter

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First Name * Sebastian
Last Name * Richter
Username * kigosa
Country * DE
City Fulda
Nationality german
Languages EnglishGerman





I started doing 3D about 14 years ago. I first saw 3D Studio R3 and R4 when i was still in 7th grade, and i was just fascinated. In 10th grade i finally got some programming course in school so i could do some nice animation for a basic program. Well i guess the animation was worth more then any line of code i wrote on that project. But what can i say, the teacher was impressed too, i got my grade and everybody was happy. Later on i focussed more on programming and writing. But i never really lost that fascination from the first days. So several years later i reentered into the field of 3D. I dropped my second studies at the university of Konstanz and started as mediadesigner at Shuttle Computer. So what else can i say about me? If i dont spend my time at work watching models and rendering screens or at home watching models and rendering progress bars i like to go out with some friends. Do some fun videos and cut them together. I play a lot of games. Especially the ones with dices and some real people sitting around a desk as a balance to all the monitor starring.


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